Hugh McLennan - Voice of the Spirit of the West

Hugh McLennan - The voice of the "Spirit of the West".

Delivering keynote addresses, speeches, and inspirational messages to audiences
all over North America, in person as a motivational speaker, or by doing voice-overs.


Hugh McLennan

Spirit of the West

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Spirit of the West
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Read Hugh's article in each issue of Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine and order your subscription here:

Hugh is an excellent Speaker
He tailors every presentation to reach the concerns of his audiences. A real working rancher, his knowlege of the cattle industry and his skill with horses have added to his understanding of life and it's challenges. See the Book Hugh page for more details.

The perfect voice for commercial voice-over work
With his years of radio and TV experience Hugh's voice is sought after for everything from radio and television commercials, on camera and voice-over, to corporate video narrations. See the Voice Overs page for more details.

On Stage Entertainment
With his ol' guitar and an amazing collection of songs, poems and stories Hugh has entertained audiences from theaters in Branson, Missouri to campfires and trail rides in the Canadian west.

EMCEE for all occasions
Hugh's knack for setting the stage, connecting with the audience and presenting the performers in the best possible light has kept him in wide demand as a professional emcee for events all over North America.

The Spirit of the West
Hugh's award winning "Spirit of the West" radio program is heard on a large network of stations in the US and Canada and around the world on the internet.

Hugh’s Horse Training File
Hugh and Lucky the Wonder Horse can put on a full day’s demonstration of horsemanship from foundation to finish.   The working ranch horse is the most versatile equine athlete in the world. Hugh's background as a working cowboy can offer an enlightening approach that can help horse owners of all disciplines.   This entertaining presentation includes music and poetry from the saddle...See our Photo Album for some past photos. Some Quotes: "This is one of the most helpful clinics I've ever been to." "This information is so practical anyone can benefit from it." "Hugh has a great way of explaining things, and demonstrates things in a way we can really understand."

The Spirit of the West Cruise
Details are now on the Cruise Page!

Cowboy Reflections, The Best of CDs, and the Trainers Challenge DVD are available on the Merchandise Page!

The Trainers Challenge DVD from April, 2007, in Red Deer, Alberta, is now available on the Merchandise Page!

Hugh and Billie both got new boots by boot maker Daniel Gordon. Read more about the new boots and see some photos in the Photo Album!

Hugh McLennan, 2520 Hyas Lake Rd, Pinantan, BC, Canada, V0E 3E1   Phone or Fax: 250-573-5731

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